Argentina star accidentally shares nude snap of team-mate

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(Pic: Twitter)

You have to feel for Manchester City's Pablo Zabaleta. There he was, having a relaxing warm shower after final training ahead of Argentina's World Cup knockout clash against Switzerland, and unbeknownst to him a team-mate is taking a nude photo of him.

The incident took place when Ezequiel Lavezzi was posing for a picture for a fan holding a shirt of Argentine lower-league side Midland, and nothing else - it was all an elaborate joke at the expense of goalkeeper Agustin Orion, apparently a big Midland fan.

(If you wondering about the name, it's because the club was founded in 1914 by workers of the British-owned Buenos Aires Midland Railway company).

Lavezzi then shared the snap on Twitter - only to realise that Zabaleta could be seen in the buff in the background of the picture.

The striker, well known for his cheeky sense of humour, did take the picture down - though he wasn't exactly quick about it. Certainly not quick enough for Zabaleta's wife, at any rate: according to Argentine publication PrimiciasYa, Señora Zabaleta went bonkers when she saw the nudie snap, starting a huge row between her and Lavezzi's wife - a barney that Lavezzi was apparently then dragged into as well.

So did he share the pic accidentally-on-purpose as a joke that backfired? There has been no admission yet. Let's just say we're now much less surprised at how the team-mates didn't seem to be playing particularly well together as they laboured to a win over Switzerland on Tuesday...

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Argentina's team, with Zabaleta and Lavezzi (circled) both pictured with their clothes on this time

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