Arjen Robben angers team-mate by ‘needlessly falling’ in training bust-up

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Robben and Martins Indi in training bust-up... by danteoliveira7

Arjen Robben has a reputation, and not just for being a pacy, skilful winger capable of brilliance in the final third.

From playacting, exaggerating contact and sometimes even adding in an infuriating wink to provide the proverbial cherry on top, he antagonises opponents and fans everywhere he goes.

Famously in 2010, he curled up into a ball after being tackled by Brazil's Felipe Melo and it appears that he is already working on his routines and extravagant tumbles ahead of this World Cup.

During a training session this week, Robben and Netherlands team-mate Bruno Martins Indi squabbled. The reason?

Robben felt that Martins Indi was going in with overly-robust challenges; Martins Indi felt that Robben was being over-theatrical and pathetic.

The winger kicked out at Martins Indi in frustration after a string of very strong challenges before coaching staff comforted him.

According to the Associated Press, "Robben kicked out at Martins Indi after one tackle and lay on the ground clutching his back after another strong challenge by the Feyenoord defender on Sunday.

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"The Bayern Munich winger briefly left the pitch but later returned and did not appear hurt."

"Arjen is a good dribbler. I thought he fell needlessly once," Martins Indi said. "We had a little head-to-head."

A reporter said to Martins Indi that he thought he had seen irritation between the two, to which Martins Indi replied, "You saw right."

The Dutch are famous for ridiculous infighting at major tournaments and it appears as though Martins Indi and Robben are already at it in earnest.

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So called 'divers' are often accused of playing to the cameras. In fairness to Robben in this case, however, we think that he did not realise the presence of the folk who took these shots.

We're not entirely sure if manager Louis van Gaal was berating him or checking up on him as he went down rolling around and clutching various limbs.

But it sure was a fine display of theatrical play from Robben, who is likely to light up the tournament in Brazil if he continues this form.

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