BBC v ITV: Who won the World Cup final TV battle?

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The last month has seen BBC and ITV battle for hearts and minds with their World Cup coverage.

And Sunday night saw the two big beasts of terrestrial TV go head to head, with both afforded the privilege of screening the final live.

These occasions are usually a chance for the Beeb to dole out a ratings beating - a quadrennial reminder that whatever the 'creatives' might think, most people would just as soon go without adverts, thanks.

But how would this one play out? Here's how the internet saw the contest:

Unnecessary as ITV's beach schtick might seem, at least they looked like they were in Brazil - even if it wasn't clear on what business.

The BBC panel looked like they were sitting in an executive airport lounge ahead of an overseas court appearance.

First blood to ITV. Then Ian Wright opened his mouth.

Nice of Wrighty to repeat himself, just in case we missed his flagrant sexism the first time.

But ITV's momentum only increased once the commentary teams were announced.

Then a shock development as a third broadcaster muscled into the picture.

As a manager, Glenn Hoddle resorted to unconventional methods, and it appears he's no different as a pundit as he effortlessly stole the limelight back from the Sky Sports news studio.

But the night could only end one way, as the BBC staged a fitting tribute to a legendary pundit.

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