Casillas comforts linesman snubbed by suited official

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A Canadian linesman was delighted when a suited official offered his hand in the tunnel shortly before Chile’s clash with Spain at the Maracana.


There was only one small problem… The hand wasn’t intended for the assistant.

Instead, the dignitaries palm shot over Joe Fletcher’s shoulder en route to greeting Chile goalkeeper Claudio Bravo.

Fletcher desperately tried to rescue the situation, quickly breaking into a spontaneous stroke of his head, but it was all too late – Spain stopper Iker Casillas had already spotted the mishap and broken into a wide smile.

Watch the amusing incident below:

Fortunately for Fletcher, he did eventually get his handshake.

Casillas was at fault as the defending champions crashed out of the World Cup with a 2-0 defeat to Chile in Group B.

This of course isn't the only time the tunnel has seen some amusing incidents, most recently when Leo Messi 'snubbed' a young mascot's offer of a handshake, before Argentina's win over Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Conversely, a mascot scored a point for the kids by pranking Steven Gerrard, offering his hand before a game against Chelsea a few years ago, only to pull the classic 'pull your hand away and waggle your fingers' trick. The japester.

Then there was referee and former policeman Howard Webb, a man with a pair of professions not exactly famous for coming with a sense of humour, attempting a photobomb as his fellow officials trudge down the tunnel at Manchester City, looking every inch like they would like to be anywhere else.

Any player who works with Paolo di Canio knows it's probably not a brilliant idea to get on the wrong side of him, and if you think going down the tunnel will save you from his wrath...well, think again, as Swindon striker Leon Clarke discovered.

Finally, perhaps the daddy of them all came at Old Trafford in 2004, when Manchester United finally brought Arsenal's 49-game unbeaten run to an end with a 2-0 victory gained by dubious means. One player, thought to be Cesc Fabregas, didn't take the loss too well, and flung a slice of pizza that just happened to hit Sir Alex Ferguson on the head.

Ferguson and Arsene Wenger also had words, with the United boss telling Wenger to leave his players alone, about which Ferguson said: “He came sprinting towards me with his hands raised saying: 'What do you want to do about it?' He was standing right there.”

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