Crazed fan – REALLY crazed – almost gets run over by team bus in Brazil

The Rio Report

We all know that football fans can be pretty crazy, particularly when they are suddenly starstruck by their heroes.

Yes, fans will do just about anything to get close to the football stars they so idolise, as this lady perfectly demonstrated at Portugal's training session.

A woman was so desperate to catch a sight of her favourite players that she ran in front of Chile's team bus as it sped towards her on a dual carriageway.

But rather than run across its path, she then decided to linger in front of it, dancing around a little in a truly shocking manner.

Other supporters watched on in utter horror as it appeared as though the worst scenario might unfold, with the bus still travelling pretty fast.

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To the incredible fortune of the lady, the alert bus driver slammed on the brakes at the last second and just about avoided what could have been a horrific, and possibly fatal, crash.

Travelling along at full speed down the highway, it really was quite heroic of the driver to manage to stop the coach in the nick of time.

Having walked along by a concrete barrier in the middle of the road, the woman's crazy decision almost cost her an awful accident. Thankfully she has the driver to thank.

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