Delirious Brazil fan smashes telly during shoot-out

The Rio Report

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Football means a lot to fans in Brazil. Of course, it means a lot to all of us - but it REALLY means a lot to fans in Brazil.

And one chap in the host nation can even count exactly much it will mean to him, since he'll be several hundred quid worse off after breaking his TV while celebrating one of Julio Cesar's saves during Saturday's penalty shoot-out against Chile.

The former QPR keeper became a national hero as his saves helped Brazil survive a shoot-out in Belo Horizonte - not that this fan saw it, having inadvertently destroyed his set by smashing the screen to show his appreciation for an earlier twist in the opening last 16 match of the tournament.

The hot-tempered fan only has himself to blame, of course, since he was clearly standing too close to the telly in the first place. Doesn't he know he'll get square eyes? Tut tut.

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