England can become ‘world champions’ with win against Costa Rica

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No, that headline is not incorrect!

Emerge from their final World Cup game against Costa Rica and England will have restored more than just pride – they will, once again, be world champions...kind of.

You have read that right, despite a miserable World Cup campaign, England are on the cusp of reclaiming their spot at the pinnacle of world football.

While it seems quite counter-intuitive, a victory against Costa Rica in a meaningless one off game will secure them that accolade.

Why? Well, the Unofficial Football World Championships (UFWC) have been running since the dawn of international football – a scoreless draw between Scotland and England in 1872– as a good old fashioned, boxing like, beat the champion, competition.

England first claimed the 'belt' of unofficial World Champions in the return fixture on 08 March 1873 courtesy of a 4-2 win against Scotland – a title which they held on to until 1874 when Scotland beat them.

And the side who beat Scotland then became the UFWC – and so on and so on.

When Uruguay beat Argentina in October 2013, they assumed the accolade and held on to it until their shock defeat against Costa Rica in their opening World Cup game.

So there you have it, beat Costa Rica and England will have salvaged something from this World Cup.

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