Fabregas reveals strange pre-match rituals

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Chelsea's brand new signing Cesc Fabregas has revealed his pre-match rituals ahead of the start of Spain's hotly tipped 2014 World Cup campaign.

The 27-year-old says he needs the same routine when it comes to preparation for every game, as the star midfielder, who began his adult career at Arsenal, explains: "Every match before I go to the pitch I like to put [on] first my shin pads and then I like to kiss four times my ring on the middle finger and also a necklace that I have from my daughter."

Fabregas, who on Thursday joined Chelsea in a deal worth a reported £28m, said he treats every game the same, no matter the significance, and is always out to play with the same mentality: "It's the same for me to play the quarter-finals of the cup and playing the final of the World Cup. It's the same in terms of preparation because you want to be the best for every single game of your career."

Talking ahead of this summer's World Cup finals in Brazil, the 27-year-old Spanish midfielder revealed that Sergio Ramos takes care of the dressing room music and he likes a little of Survivor’s ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ to ready himself for a big game.

"We have always [had] a CD of the same music but he [Ramos] is the one who takes care of it." Fabregas said. "Before a game when I like to focus I like to have songs that inspire me, songs that make me feel ready before the game: Aloe Blacc, Kanye West, Pitball, energetic songs. I like ‘Eye Of The Tiger’, it's a song that motivates me and keeps me always fresh and ready for the fight."

The Spaniard certainly knows the feeling of winning some of those big fights too, having lifted the World Cup trophy in South Africa back in 2010. "I always remember that day when the referee whistled for the end of the game and after celebrating for 10, 15 minutes I remember me and Carles Puyol going back to the stadium, sitting on the bench and drinking a beer, just looking at the stadium and just thinking what happened 15 minutes ago when you were lifting the World Cup. It was a moment to remember."

What will he miss most after leaving Nou Camp? Well, when asked about the greatest ever player it was a former Barcelona team-mate that got his vote, and there was only man for the title: "I've been very lucky to be playing next to him." Fabregas said, "Lionel Messi. I think no one has seen a player like him, what he can do, even in training he does some unreal things. Obviously with Pele - I wasn't born and I was very, very little with Cruyff and Maradona and these players but I doubt it very much that someone was at the level that Lionel has reached in the last few years."


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