Fan enjoys greatest lift ride in football history

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Lionel Messi

So you made it to Brazil, and you're loving it. You're having a blast at the world's biggest football tournament, and a couple of days before the match you're making your way from your hotel room down to the lobby, from there to head out into the streets of Belo Horizonte for a spot of lunch and perhaps a caipirinha or two.

What could be better? Well, this could: as your lift makes its way down to the ground floor, the doors open and the entire Argentina football team get in.

You name them: Lionel Messi, Gonazlo Higuain, Javier Mascherano... the lot. Or most of them, anyway:

The fan in question posted his film clip on the web for the world to see. And there's an awful lot to love about his video, right from the start when he asks, "Puedo sacar un foto?" That's Spanish for "do you mind if I grab a photo?" - a question which is fairly pointless when he's already filming the scene on his phone.

Almost as good is Mascherano yawning extravagantly, and Messi stopping one of his team-mates from getting off at the wrong floor.

Sadly, the voice of the idiot booming "MESSI!... HIGUAIN!... MASCHERANO!..." isn't the lucky punter himself, but instead the voice of the Argentine TV host on whose programme the clip was shown. But it would have been hilarious if that was the bloke taking the video, simply screaming the players names at them while standing just inches away.

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