Lallana’s ‘life-changing’ favela comment causes giggles

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We're all for England players taking the time to look around the country they're playing in.

And of course they should talk to local folk and understand the way of life there.

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When it's somewhere like Brazil, where living conditions can be appalling and the poverty stark, it should really remind the squad just how fortunate they are, and go some way to demonstrate that football is for all, not just the wealthy and privileged.

We're not quite sure Adam Lallana has understood that.

When the players visited a favela in Rio - as part of an outreach programme, ostensibly to show that elite football hasn't lost touch with its roots, the Guardian reports that he mused: "To be around players like us may be a life-changing experience for them."

Probably not so much, Adam. Meeting you isn't going to change the nightly gun battles there, or the overcrowding, or the grinding lack of money they have.

Maybe referee Mark Clattenburg had a point when he said to Lallana six months ago: "You are very different now, since you've played for England - you never used to be like this."

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