FIFA rules stop Rosberg’s tribute to Germany World Cup winners

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Lewis Hamilton might make snarky digs about his nationality, but Nico Rosberg is delighted about Germany's World Cup win.

So much so that he was planning to wear a specially-designed helmet for this weekend's German Grand Prix, with an image of the trophy as well as four golden stars.

Well, that was until FIFA heard about it. You see, FIFA are concerned that if just anyone can use what they refer to as their "official marks", then it would devalue all of football and put the game at risk.

No, really. That's what they say in their image rights guidelines.

So only "FIFA partners" can use images of the World Cup itself...and as Rosberg isn't an official FIFA partner, that rules him out.

Fortunately, FIFA don't prohibit people from using stars in their designs, so there's enough time for a quick tweak, according to Rosberg's manager.

And on the plus side for Rosberg, if Hamilton tries winding him up about this, he can just point out that this isn't a problem his team-mate is likely to have any time soon...

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