Hilarious ‘everyday diving’ video mocking stars goes viral

The Rio Report

There really are few things worse than blatant diving in football - one, of course, would be unprovoked shoulder biting.

Football fans spend much of their time moaning and yelling at the stars who also double as heroes when they attempt to cheat to win a penalty or get an opponent sent off.

Diving is despicable, and it is sadly very prevalent in the modern game.

So what better way to show everyone's displeasure in the art of conning referees than to mock it in everyday life.

That was the logic used by the makers of this wonderful video, who have given football's divers what they deserve.

This brilliant selection of 'everyday dives' was produced by Canadian Film Fourgrounds to mock the many players who showed their ability to produce over-the-top reactions at the World Cup.

Now, if only the players themselves would see how ridiculous they look and make an effort to change their cheeky and disruptive ways.

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