Hollywood movie stars’ guide to ‘flopping’ and diving

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World Cup Flopping... by lifeready1

Diving, playacting, 'flopping' - all these words represent the same lamentable disease in modern-day football, and fans do not like it one bit.

Nothing enrages big fans and baffles casual observers like a perfectly executed, shameless dive.

So who better to shame the collection of referee-con artists at the World Cup in Brazil than Hollywood movie stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill? Seriously.

"As professionally trained actors, we thought we'd give you a few tips... about flopping, otherwise known as diving," the pair shouted.

"Get your team soccer points they did nothing to deserve. After you are barely touched, always grab part of your body - this shows the umpire which part of you was supposedly hit."

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Tip 1: 'Diving' - Always shout very loudly after being apparently touched

Tip 2: 'Hit in face' - React with the best facial overreaction you can possibly managed

Tip 3: '10 second rule' - After not being touched, you have 10 seconds to drop to the floor

"If you flop really well, congratulations - you're hired next season to play for Chelsea!"

So there you have it: a helpful guide to diving, or 'flopping', by two professional Hollywood actors. Now all you need to do is hope that the referee does not show you the yellow card.

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