Japan heal their wounds by having a jacuzzi party

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Japan may have lost their first World Cup game, to Ivory Coast on Saturday, but clearly they aren't letting that get them down.

Some of the Japanese players attempted to heal their wounds, both physical and mental, by gathering for a pow-wow in a jacuzzi before their second game against Colombia on Thursday.

Shinji Kagawa was one player who particularly struggled against Ivory Coast, and striker Yoshito Okubo said some of his colleagues lathered up to provide him with some comfort.

"He really was on a downer but he is fine now," Okubo told Kyodo News.

"A few of us had a bit of a chat in the jacuzzi the other day. We talked about how the team played but had a bit of a laugh about how we were feeling.

"We told each other how rubbish we were but not to let it get to us. It's good to finish things off with a laugh. There is nothing you can do about it and there are still two games left.

"It is important to regroup. You can't dwell on things as it only brings a negative vibe to the team. The mood in the team isn't bad. There is no need to be down in the dumps."

That's nice.

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