These jubilant fans were not prepared for this to happen…

The Rio Report

A group of Chile fans were understandably reveling in their side's glorious World Cup victory over Spain, and everything seemed to be going so well.

The group jumped up and down in the back of a truck while waving flags and chanting and singing. Wonderful scenes, no question.

But then they suffered a painful moment during their jubilant World Cup celebrations.

Without warning, the pick-up truck they were jumping on drove forward, resulting in all five individuals falling straight to the ground.

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Luckily, each one of them managed to get right back up on their feet, so they can now laugh about what was a very comical situation after the event.

And hey, they still had their wonderful World Cup win to enjoy, despite having a few bumps and bruises.

Well, that's the cost of true fanatical support during a major tournament carnival.

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