‘You’re a liar!’ Capello booms at Russian journalist

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Russia coach Fabio Capello got involved in an extraordinary shouting match with a journalist ahead of his side's second game of the World Cup.

The former England manager was accused of not ordering his team to salute fans following Russia's disappointing opening draw against South Korea.

The Italian was absolutely outraged at the suggestion - and said so in no uncertain terms.

"You are a liar!" bellowed Capello.

"I was in the centre circle at the end of the game and my players saluted the fans.

"Everyone in Russia knows you are lying. Tell the truth!"

Capello added that he has been shocked by the extraordinary quality of football on display from all of the teams so far.

"“I have been surprised in this World Cup by the high level of every team," he said.

"All the coaches are good, the teams are well-prepared and there are no easy games.

"The confirmation comes from the problems that sides like Italy, Argentina, Brazil and other major nations have suffered so far."

The Azzurri need a point against Uruguay to guarantee progress to the next round, so Capello was asked for advice.

"They are in the running for the Round of 16. As an Italian, but certainly not as Coach of Russia, I wish them all the best. I hope we can both be in the next round."

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