‘I’ll rip your head off!’ Spain’s Jordi Alba fires verbal volley at reporter

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Think you're having a bad day at the office? It could be worse - you could be journalist Javier Gómez Matallana, of Spanish newspaper AS.


He was casually getting on with his day's work at the mixed zone after Spain's 3-0 win over Australia when he was confronted by Jordi Alba, who reportedly snarled: "Next time I'll rip your head off!"

Understandably the journalist was more than a little bemused, so Alba helpfully clarified: "Yes, yes - next time. I'm warning you."

That would have been bewildering enough - except when the Spain squad boarded their flight home, Matallanas got another verbal volley from the full-back, who apparently accused him of being a "grass".

Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if Matallanas knew what he'd done to trigger such rage. The confused reporter told a Spanish radio station: "I have no idea why. I have not written anything about him. I don’t remember writing anything about him at all."

Imagine what Alba would have said if Matallanas HAD had a pop at him...

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