Maradona accuses FIFA of Costa Rica conspiracy

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Diego Maradona has accused FIFA of unfair treatment towards Costa Rica after seven of their players were tested for drugs after their win 1-0 against Italy.


Seven members of the winning squad were taken away for drug testing after the final whistle in Recife, which is considerably more than the mandatory two players.

However, FIFA officials explained that five of them were players who had missed their anti-doping tests before the World Cup began.

However, that explanation has held little water with Maradona, who hinted that the tests were some sort of sponsor-led conspiracy against the Central Americans.

“Why test seven players from Costa Rica and not seven from Italy?”

Maradona, who failed a drugs test at the 1994 World Cup, added: “It is against the rules. Two players from each team are supposed to undergo doping controls. I know what I’m talking about, because it happened to me. But seven players? I’ve never seen something like that.”

“This is only happening because some people are annoyed Costa Rica - and not the big teams - are going through, and so the sponsors won’t pay what they’d promised."

What do you think? Was seven a bit much? Or does FIFA’s explanation make sense? Let us know in the comments section.

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