Merseyside postmen threaten to strike over free edition of The Sun

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Liverpool fans across the world are showing their feelings towards The Sun

The Sun has come up with an unusual and rather risky idea to promote its World Cup coverage: deliver a special themed edition of the newspaper to all 22 million households in Britain on Thursday, the first day of the tournament in Brazil.

It's a plan that's cost them a fortune - but it's also a plan that has fallen well short of its mark on Merseyside after local postmen refused to deliver the paper to people's homes.

The people of Liverpool have boycotted the paper en masse for a quarter of a century in reaction to the newspaper's outrageous and grossly defamatory reporting of the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, which saw 96 Liverpool fans die in tragic circumstances.

And though the paper's owners, News UK, had already agreed not to distribute the paper in the city itself, they had asked Royal Mail workers in nearby Skelmersdale to make the deliveries - and 50 staff at the local depot have refused to do so. That decision is hardly surprising when you consider that six employees at the branch were present at the ill-fated FA Cup semi-final when the tragedy took place.

"If they try to make us deliver the Sun on Thursday, we will refuse and will be suspended and lose a day's pay, but we think principles are more important than money," one of the workers told the BBC.

"I felt sick to be honest that I would have to handle it. We would be delivering it to people that were at Hillsborough and to people that lost a loved one or knew someone that died at Hillsborough," another staff member told the Liverpool Echo.

The Sun has said that the Skelmersdale question is "an issue for the Royal Mail", but across the country thousands of Liverpool fans have started putting up warnings to their postmen not to deliver the freebie newspaper:

And that's not all: after an official warning bulletin from the Official Hillsborough Justice Campaign, Reds fans across the globe have also been putting up signs to their local postmen - even in places as far flung as New York:

The Sun has tried many times to try and end its feud with the people of Liverpool. On this evidence, it'll be at least another quarter of a century before they'll have any chance of doing so.

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