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Guillermo Ochoa immortalised (@SubbuteoArt)

A British artist called Terry Lee has become something of a global phenomenon on social media after his fantastic recreations of some of the greatest moments of the World Cup went viral.

Lee makes, poses and hand-paints miniature Subbuteo figures, producing decent likenesses of players such as Lionel Messi, Robin van Persie and everyone's-new-favourite James Rodriguez, then snaps them for his website and Twitter feed.

The results look great - though, as football purists, we can't help nitpicking. Wouldn't a few more bystanders (both on the pitch and in the stands) add a bit more authenticity? After all, Rodriguez's goal for Colombia against Uruguay was mostly remarkable for the way he controlled the ball and volleyed through a crowded box. If it'd looked like this in real life, it would've been easy. (Okay, easier.)

Similarly, Brazil were actually sent into the quarter-finals thanks to Gonzalo Jara hitting the post, rather than Julio Cesar saving. But "Hail upright!" clearly wouldn't have sounded as good.

Nerdy nitpicks aside, it's great stuff and we love the cheesy caption on the Cesar pic. Though not as much as this one for Mexico goalie Guillermo Ochoa:

Some of the posing of the figures is genius. Here's van Persie:

And this is the first time we've ever seen two Subbuteo men glued onto one base...

There are even some famous - and infamous - moments from yesteryear:

You can see more examples at Terry's blog.

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