Monty Python release World Cup song

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Monty Python Release World Cup Song

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Monty Python Release World Cup Song

Monty Python Release World Cup Song
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England have travelled to Brazil without that most crucial of things – an official World Cup song – after the FA distanced themselves from Gary Barlow reworking of 'Greatest Day', after adverse headlines surrounding the former Take That singer's financial affairs.

However, the Monty Python boys have stepped in and produced an unofficial song for England, and you might find it a little bit familiar.

Yes Eric Idle has reworked his classic 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life' for the occasion which seems like an apt choice for any England supporter.

Idle has written a new verse to celebrate England's 'hopes', although as it predicts a swift English exit it is perhaps unlikely to be dropping the 'u' and the 'n' from its unofficial status any time soon.

The new verse reads:

"When you're in the World Cup, and all your hopes are up, and everybody wants their team to win.

"Then they go and let you down, and come slinking back to town, it's time for this daft song to begin."

And what's in for Monty Python? Well a bit of publicity of course.

The famous comedy group – all now in their 70s – are doing 10 reunion shows at London's O2 Arena in July and the tickets went on sale for those shows on the same day the single was released (what are the odds eh?)

The O2 concerts will be broadcast in 450 cinemas in the UK and another 1,500 worldwide and the group will also release a number of recordings – including a reissue of their "Monty Python Sings" album on June 30.

Still, on their day there were few better than the Python boys, and who can forget their other amazing stab at football - The Philosophers' World Cup.

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