Mourinho: Luiz made mistakes, but he wasn’t the only one

The Rio Report

Jose Mourinho says it would be unfair to single out David Luiz for blame after the most humiliating night in Brazil's footballing history.

Luiz was Brazil's stand-in captain for the World Cup semi-final against Germany with Thiago Silva suspended and was guilty of a poor display, finding himself at fault on a number of occasions as the Germans ran riot, winning 7-1.


However, Mourinho, who recently sold Luiz to Paris Saint-Germain for a world record £50 million for a defender, said many of his team-mates were equally culpable.

"I don't think it is fair to separate a player from the team, because the team was very bad," said Mourinho in his capacity as Yahoo's Global Football Ambassador.

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"Did David make mistakes? Yes, he made, but Dante made mistakes, Marcelo made mistakes, Fernandinho made mistakes, the team as a team made mistakes. So I don't think it's fair.


"I think everyone who is in my situation, everyone who is a player, everyone who is a coach, everyone who is not involved in the World Cup but could be in that position, I think all of us, we are feeling really, really sorry for them because it is a historical moment, a moment that will remain forever the same way."

Mourinho also identified Brazil's major failing as they suffered an unimaginably bad defeat.

"The problem for them, in my opinion, was that the spirit they build in the national team ... they probably thought that spirit would be enough and would be the main quality to win the World Cup, but it was not enough," he said.


"It was enough to arrive in the semi-finals, but in the semi-finals they face a team who is better than them. A team who behaves with a fantastic stability and confidence. Everything went in [Germany's] direction."

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