Mourinho: Robben ‘tries to get an advantage’

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Yahoo Global Football Ambassador José Mourinho says that referees should be given more help when it comes to stamping out diving.

In one of this latest video dispatches on the World Cup, Mourinho talked about the conduct of Netherlands midfielder Arjen Robben against Mexico.

Robben won a controversial penalty for the Dutch in in stoppage time on Sunday which gave his side a dramatic late 2-1 win over Mexico in their last-16 match in Fortaleza.

Robben dived theatrically, and not for the first time in his career, after Mexico captain Rafael Marquez challenged him in the dying minutes of their match at the Castelao arena. The Bayern Munich star admitted he dived in the first half but insisted it was a 'clear foul' for the penalty.

Mourinho, who worked with Robben at Chelsea, said about the incident: "because of his speed and because of his creativity he is punished a lot with fouls by opponents who cannot stop him.

"I also know that sometimes he tries to get an advantage and he tries to get a free kick or he tries to get a penalty.

"If you have technology you can have a chance to have a fourth official watching on the video or screen situation. So I think the referee should also be happy to have the chance in case of doubt, the chance to clear every doubt and the chance to make the right decision."

Watch the video above to get Mourinho's full thoughts on the incident.

He also praised Algeria for their brave performance in defeat to Germany and looked ahead to the Germans clash with France in the last eight in the two videos below.

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