Mourinho: Suarez ‘can find a penalty nobody else finds’

The Rio Report

Yahoo's Global Football Ambassador Jose Mourinho has warned England of the particular threat presented by Luis Suarez ahead of the key World Cup showdown with Uruguay.

Both England and Uruguay lost their opening games in Group D and the loser of their meeting in Sao Paulo is likely to see their World Cup campaign brought to a swift conclusion.


As yet it is unclear whether Suarez will be fit to start as the Liverpool striker has been battling with injury and did not feature in the defeat to Costa Rica.

However, if he does start, Mourinho has told England they must of course be wary of a player who was a constant menace to Premier League defences last season.

"Suarez is a very important player for Uruguay," said Mourinho. "Uruguay had a very unexpected result in the first match.

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"They are as England: one defeat, goodbye. And Suarez is coming from injury and for sure he feels his country deeply and a South American that lives in Europe for 11 months in a year, they go back and they want to be magic to their team.

"When Suarez plays together with Cavani, their mobility, their understanding, their aggresivity, their intensity is high and is for sure going to create problems to the English side.


"Obviously they know them very, very well, especially Suarez who is in this country. They know everything about him; they know his amazing qualities as a player; they know also that he can find a penalty that nobody else finds.

"But I think really Suarez is going to create problems to England and it is a match that I wait a lot for because this is like a knockout game - the one who loses is out. Two good teams and big expectation really."

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