Mourinho: Teams learned how to play against inflexible Spain

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Yahoo's Global Football Ambassador Jose Mourinho says Spain fell victim to their own success as they were dumped out of the World Cup following a 2-0 loss to Chile.

The disastrous result at the Maracana confirmed the defending champions' six-year dominance of international football is over, with a generation which won Euro 2008 and Euro 2012, and the 2010 World Cup in between, now possibly being broken up.


The post-mortem into Spain's demise has begun in earnest and Mourinho believes they lacked the strategic guile to take on two accomplished sides who have studied their style in detail.

With Spain sticking determinedly to their tiki-taka philosophy, it allowed other countries to identify and exploit the weaknesses in the system.

“They scored one goal just with a penalty and they have zero points and they are already packing to go home," said Mourinho.

"I think it is fair to say that there is a big responsibility in Holland and Chile (for Spain's downfall). They did what I think in modern football you have to do – you have to be strategic

"Holland and Chile were very good from a strategic point of view, and Spain couldn’t cope with it in my opinion.

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World Cup - Red hot Chile end Spain's reign as champions

"People learn how to play against the best teams and when the best teams play always believing that their philosophy is the one, the other people learn.

"Spain was so amazing in the past four, six years – they were so amazing in the way that they were playing football – that people learn, people look, people study.


"Louis van Gaal was brilliant in the way he analysed and he prepared the game against Spain but today, Jorge Sampaoli even more.

"We have to be fair, and instead of saying Spain didn’t play well – which I agree with – we have to be fair and say Chile did an amazing work and congratulations to the coach Sampaoli."

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