Neymar reduced to tears before game begins

The Rio Report

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If there was an award at the World Cup for ‘best rendition of a national anthem’, alongside the famous trophy and the Golden Boot, then surely hosts Brazil would already have it in the bag with less than a week of the tournament played.

Ahead of their second group stage fixture against Mexico, Estadio Castelao was deafening as the local fans loudly and proudly sang their country’s song.

Perhaps inspired by the occasion and their supporters, the Brazil players were fantastic:

And their star player Neymar, who netted twice in their opening-day win over Croatia, was reduced to tears either by the moment or the fact team-mate Dani Alves had dyed his hair blonde:

In a time where footballers are frequently lambasted for lacking passion, it certainly made one’s heart glow with warmth a little.

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