Niger or Nigeria? Opening ceremony showcases wrong flag

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World Cup opening ceremony organisers made a major blunder on the first day of action when they displayed the wrong flag while announcing Nigeria. Instead of Nigeria's flag, it projected an image of Niger's flag onto the globe on the halfway line during the ceremony.

Twitter user Cameron Laws pointed out the blunder.

#OpeningCeremony The awkward moment when they use the Niger flag instead of Nigeria #NGA

— Cameron Laws (@lawseyitfc) June 12, 2014

Nigeria's flag features three vertical stripes, with a white stripe sandwiched between two green stripes.

Niger's flag features three horizontal stripes. The top stripe is orange, sitting above a white stripe and a green stripe. There is an orange circle in the middle of the white stripe.

The neighbouring African nations share a 450-mile border and maintain friendly relations. Nigeria are currently ranked No. 44 in FIFA rankings. Niger are ranked No. 112 and did not qualify for the World Cup.

This isn't the first time the wrong flag has been displayed during a major sporting event. In the 2012 London Olympics, a women's football match between North Korea and Colombia was delayed because the organisers showed the South Korean flag while introducing the North Korean team, and the players refused to take the field.

Thanks to Yahoo! Sports' Dirty Tackle blog

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