Nike’s new five-minute World Cup animated feature is pretty damn good

The Rio Report

Last month we highlighted how Nike v Adidas was an international rivalry to match England v Germany, with both sides looking for a big edge going into the World Cup.

Well Nike's latest move is certainly an impressive one, as they have used their superstar roster to produce a new five minute long animated feature that is sure you go viral.

The video entitled 'The Last Game' sees some of the world's most expressive players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Neymar take a team of 'Clones' created by a Scientist hell bent on taking risk-taking out of football.

We were certainly impressed by the results and think it is well worth a watch, although we're not so sure about the guy who voiced Wayne Rooney or if the England striker will be happy about how chunky he looks!

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