Now THIS is the apology Suarez should have made

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Luis Suarez and Lou Vincent. Both have impressive teeth.

"I am a cheat. I have shamed my country. I have shamed my sport. I have shamed those close to me.

"For that I am not proud.

"The time has come for me to now face them like a man and accept the consequences, whatever they may be.

"I accept my punishment."

These are not the words of Luis Suarez. They are the words of a New Zealand cricketer called Lou Vincent, who has just been given a life ban from his sport after admitting that he has been involved in match fixing for several years.

"I have abused my position as a professional sportsman on a number of occasions by choosing to accept money through fixing," Vincent added after receiving his ban.

"I have lived with this dark secret for many years, but just months ago I reached the point where I decided I had to come forward and tell the truth."

It says a lot about sport when a fringe player in a minor sport can make headlines with a few well-chosen and strikingly honest words.

What a shame Luis Suarez couldn't have followed suit.

Now, the Rio Report isn't for a second saying that match fixing is on a par with biting. Whether you view Suarez's dental assault on Giorgio Chiellini as a harmless nibble or the savagery of a monster is up to you, but it doesn't exactly undermine the entire spirit of sport as we know it.

But Vincent's statement still shows up Suarez's apology - one which was reportedly only made in order for him to line his pockets with a big-money move to Barcelona - as both miserably late and woefully inadequate.

Why did Suarez refuse to accept that he bit Chiellini, instead of the awful fudged nonsense of admitting that "Chiellini suffered the physical result of a bite in the collision he suffered with me"?

Even putting that rubbish aside, why did he not apologise to his team-mates, for getting himself banned for the rest of the tournament?

Why did he not apologise to the entire Uruguayan nation for effectively ending their World Cup dream?

And why has he not apologised publicly to Walter Ferreira, the Uruguayan physio who risked his life for Suarez by putting his own cancer treatment on hold, for undermining the amazing efforts that got the striker back on the pitch.

After all, Suarez's physio was one of the stories of the World Cup before that ill-fated match against Italy. Now, people are far more interested in his dentist.

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