The official video of the official song of World Cup officially unleashed

The Rio Report

You know the World Cup is really on the way when you start hearing and seeing the official World Cup song everywhere - and that moment has now arrived.

That's because the official video of the official anthem of the tournament has now been unveiled, and it features Jennifer Lopez singing alongside some bald bloke called "Pitbull", and a Brazilian called Claudia, Leitte.

Pitbull, eh? Blimey, thanks Mum and Dad.

But we digress. All you really want to do on this page is take a look at the video above, so all we're doing in this white space down here is wittering on rather pointlessly.

To make it look like we've done some research, we'll copy and paste this quote from Jenny-from-the-block herself about how thrilled she is to sell a load more records off the back of a Soccer Extravanganza:

"I grew up in a house that loved 'futbol', so I am thrilled to be performing at the World Cup Opening Ceremonies with Pitbull and Claudia Leitte."

Fascinating stuff, we're sure you'll agree. And well down for reading this far down.

And as your reward for doing so well, here's a link to all of the previous official World Cup songs so that you can take a look and see if you think it's better or worse than the dog-man's effort above.

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