Overreaction Theatre: The best free-kick routine since Zaire ’74

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Thomas Mueller is a great player, it's just he didn't have the best game for Germany in the last 16 against Algeria. The forward put in a pretty dire performance that culminated in a free-kick routine that was either a moment of madness, a work of genius, or a little of both:

Whatever was intended, it turned into a farce the likes of which we have not seen on this stage since Mwepu Ilunga made his legendary charge out of the wall against Brazil in 1974.

Cue mass ridicule.

Mueller did have his defenders though (unlike his team, who seemed to be playing without any on the pitch).

It wasn't just Mueller who attracted criticism after the game though; the majority of the German team came under fire after a display that failed to live up to their billing as one of the tournament favourites.

There was one German to come out of the game with his reputation enhanced though: Manuel Neuer. Although the goalkeeper was not being lauded for his work in between the sticks.

Still, it was a pretty rip-roaring encounter between the two sides, which had the internet cooing for more.

And then there were the vanquished, Algeria and Nigeria. They will be missed.

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