Overreaction Theatre: The best (worst?) of the group stages

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King of Overreaction you ask? Well, Luis Suarez, of course.

For this is the man who deems biting someone as a fair and measured response to a bit of argy-bargy in the box, but, for some (England), his overreaction was a saving grace.

England endured a dismal World Cup campaign that ended with a rather drab scoreless draw against Costa Rica. Under absolutely any other circumstances, England’s struggles would have been all over the front and back pages.

Thankfully for England and Roy Hodgson, Luis Suarez stepped up, as he bit – that is right – bit Giorgio Chiellini. Yes, it is common knowledge but it is still barely believable. Correct, he bit a player. For a third time.

Suarez, after all, is a man that people generally don't have very strong feelings about. Few hate him, few love him, and most can simply take or leave him.

Sort of.

The go-to place in moments of Saurez controversy is @RAWK_Meltdown, which collates the most 'out there' reactions from Liverpool fan forums, and they had a field day last Thursday.

Rivalling Suarez for the role of chief “overreacter” is none other than Pepe – as his head-butt of Thomas Mueller proved - so it is only fair that he is prominent in an OT group stages round up:

Ah England!

Remember the glory days of England losing to Italy on the first Saturday of the World Cup – no, you don’t, it was dreary and dreadful but that was just the commentary.

Such was the numbing nature of Neville his co-commentator Guy Mowbray took up the slack when discussing the fallen warrior Gary Lewin – remember he broke his leg that fateful night?

Things could only get better, right?

Erm, no! England then lost to Uruguay.

With England all but eliminated from the competition, it probably felt like things could get no worse for fans of the national team until this popped up on screens.

It was not all negative though:

England’s inability to threaten the latter stages of World Cups led some fans to draw some real damning conclusions.

To be clear, the DFS sale will never end. Never.

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