Overreaction Theatre: The curse of Justin Bieber strikes for Spain

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Twitter went into meltdown with millions trying to explain the reasons behind Spain's 5-1 defeat to the Netherlands in their opening match of the 2014 World Cup finals.

It was the heaviest defeat suffered by defending world champions at the tournament.

Well, what do you expect when you have much-maligned pop singer Justin Bieber - a figure not known for shying away from adverse publicity - throwing his weight behind you? Bieber is apparently due to take anger management courses.

Hopefully, he wasn't watching the Spanish suffer their most serious beating in years. He would have kicked off. Unlike the Spanish.

On another note...

Van Persie was back to his sensational best but what could the reason for such a dramatic improvement be?

The old saying that you've never met a poor bookmaker tends to ring true. Why on earth would you stick £1,000 on Spain? They're good, but surely this is like burning money.

God, not really known for his 'banter', decided to get in on the act.

Meanwhile, here is an amusing one from last night's opening match of the tournament.

More fun tomorrow night no doubt when England enter the tournament. That tends to be funny. Anyway, one, two...three....'C'mon England!'

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