Overreaction Theatre: German arrogance, fury at Messi award

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Now that Germany are every neutral's favourites and world champions for the fourth time, let's remind ourselves that they can still, on occasion, be just a tiny little bit arrogant.

Here's the Berliner Morgenpost spelling out 'World Champion' using the names of the Germany team.

Only this isn't Monday's edition - it was published yesterday BEFORE the final.

Just look at Thomas Mueller winking at the camera during the national anthem - look nervous, man!

And look at this guy nonchalantly painting his cow as if victory were a foregone conclusion! Disgusting.

Sorry, we can't do it. Germany were a pleasure to watch and worthy winners. And we all know who the real villains of the night were...

We forgive the Beckham boys, who weren't even alive when their Dad got his marching orders at France '98.

On now to Sepp Blatter, whose decision to sit next to Vladimir Putin failed to convince anyone that he wasn't the most dastardly man in the Maracana.

And Sepp felt the crowd's ire during the presentations.

Once again, Sepp proved a master of misdirection by unleashing the outrage of the tournament - The Golden Ball Award for the tournament's best player.

But this was a tournament of positivity - a spirit embodied by Manchester United, who tried to claim credit for the fact that Germany's third choice goalkeeper left the club four years ago.

In the final analysis, though, when the books are written on Brazil 2014, we will remember this wonderful sporting festival in four words. Luis Suarez BIT SOMEONE!

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