Overreaction Theatre – What is a little dive between friends?

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Only one man was the focus of attention after another day of World Cup drama in Brazil. Bayern Munich's Dutch winger produced a masterclass in diving to help the Netherlands complete a 2-1 win over Mexico in the last 16.

Mexico coach Miguel Herrera accused Robben of cheating to win the penalty from Rafael Marquez that Klaas-Jan Huntelaar converted in the 94th minute.

It was hard for Mexico to swallow having led 1-0 in the 88th minutes.

"Out of the four matches here in all of them the refereeing was disastrous," said Herrera.

"Robben did three dives and he should have been cautioned. You should caution a guy who is trying to cheat, and then if Robben did it again he would be sent off.

And why did FIFA choose a referee from the same confederation as Holland instead of one from South America, Asia or Africa?

As you can imagine, there was plenty of amusing reaction on Twitter.

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Robben's status as the World Cup's anti-hero will only intensify if his histrionics continue - imagine the backlash it a Robben dive were to cost Costa Rica.

Twitter would actually spontaneous combust. Go on, Robben, you know you want to.

This Vine nearly didn't make it into this blog on account of the fact that it is a pretty fair reflection of actual events - and Overreaction Theatre is supposed to be a banquet of hyperbolic ridiculousness.

The things is, his dives aren't actually that good, so these marks are a little skewed.

In fact, one judge would be aghast at the form of some of his dives - he massively over acts and shows too much emotion. Arjen, darling, tone it down.

This headline has been used before and will be used again...

He would be that annoying guy on holiday, splashing like mad in the pool.

As everyone knows, Arsene genuinely does know best:

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