Overreaction Theatre: Mark Lawrenson’s sexism storm

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After England's group game against Italy, 445 people called the BBC to complain about Phil Neville having a slightly boring voice.

Overreaction Theatre can't quite get our head round why a human being would take the time to call up to carp about the slight lack of inflection in someone's commentary, but we can be pretty sure that not as many will pick up the phone to register their discontent with Mark Lawrenson's 'quip' during Argentina's win over Switzerland.

In the first half Swiss forward Josip Drmic ran through on goal, but could only muster a weak shot that was easily saved by Argentina keeper Sergio Romero. Lawrenson remarked that: “He should've put a skirt on.”

Casual sexism? Perhaps another thing to add to good old Lawro's canon. We've checked, and it turns out it isn't 1952. Lawro's remark - whether jokey or not - didn't go down well.

Lawrenson wasn't the only one who had a bad game, for until he scored their late winner, Angel di Maria wasn't exactly a powerhouse in midfield for Argentina.

And the nadir of his performance came when he attempted a 'rabona' cross, which skewed out of play rather badly. Cue, ridicule:

Switzerland keeper Diego Benaglio also had people talking thanks to his rather eccentric display right at the end of the game when he went upfield for Switzerland and even attempted an overhead kick.

The later game between Belgium and USA was interrupted by a pitch invader, who the security guards didn't seem all that keen to deal with in a hurry.

Of course the TV commentators greeted it with a rousing chorus of 'We don't like to see that', but it actually looks like he wasn't a mindless buffoon, but a man making a pretty good point...

Meanwhile, as USA went 2-0 down, this scene was spotted in the White House:

And there were a couple of other decent tweets relating to the action on the pitch...

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