Overreaction Theatre: Messi is massively overrated…actually, he’s not

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Lionel Messi and the degree to which he is rated: it is perennial social-media gold, and folks seemingly never grow tired of swaying from either extreme with bewildering regularity.

The Argentina superstar won a second successive match for his side with another piece of dazzling brilliance to beat Iran, and it was a touch of class when it was most required.

But it was funny, because Messi was just being slammed for being ineffective and subdued. Oh, and overrated, of all things.



Most overrated EVER


...But then he did something very special. Everyone hastily remembered that he is actually pretty good.

Not quiet

Not overrated

Not most overrated EVER

Not average

As for the World Cup record-equalling goalscorer Miroslav Klose? Well, he's nothing more than a glorified goal hanger who just bags a few tap-ins...

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Forget boring club football, it’s breaking these records that counts for Klose

Yes, apparently it's an "absolute travesty" that Klose drew level with Ronaldo on 15 World Cup goals. We can think of a few worse things in life, but hey...

And what about good old Adrian Chiles? Well, he came in for a lot of stick again after trying to claim Messi's match-winning effort for his employers.

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Then he made a few more casual references to England having it hard compared to other nations at the World Cup, which was not particularly well received.

Ah well, this is Overreaction Theatre, after all. That was, Overreaction Theatre, we should say. Until next time...

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