Overreaction Theatre: Oops, he did it again!

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There was one moment during Germany's 4-0 win over Portugal which caused an explosion on Twitter - and it wasn't Thomas Mueller's hat-trick.


Pepe's crazy sending off for headbutting the Germany forward while he was sat on the floor provoked a mixture of amazement and resignation, and generated some hilarious tweets too.

Pepe's moment of madness was not just immortalised in meme form, either. It was also given the lego and 8-bit treatment too.

And we couldn't resist sticking the boot in too...

Lots of tweeters got excited about an image of Raul Meireles apparently giving the ref two fingers after Pepe was sent from the field of play...

But closer examination revealed he was using his index fingers. Twitter: where accuracy goes to die.

Another big talking point was the magnificent moustache sported by Portugal striker Hugo Almeida.

While Cristiano Ronaldo had a horribly disappointing night as his frustrations became all too clear.

And for Germany, it all turned out to be rather easy in the end...

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