Overreaction Theatre: What’s the point without any goals?

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It seems as though some football fans have been rather spoilt at this World Cup. When presented with the tournament's second semi-final - an admittedly dour goalless draw between Argentina and the Netherlands that was eventually settled by penalties - more than a few disgruntled onlookers voiced their discontent at not having another thriller to enjoy. How dare this World Cup produce such a boring spectacle? The cheek of it!

On the night, Ron Vlaar was one of the Dutch culprits, missing his penalty kick, to ensure a place in his nation's spot-kick hall of shame. That his name is pun-tastic didn't help matters.

It was all so different for Vlaar before the penalty shoot-out though, with the Aston Villa defender having been singled out for praise after keeping Lionel Messi quiet for most of the night.

Messi may have been well shackled, but let's not forget he still ended up on the winning side.

Dutch coach Louis van Gaal, up until now a bonafide tactical genius, had to shoulder some of the blame for not single-handedly winning the game with substitutions.

Argentina were triumphant on the night, although it was suggested in some quarters that there was another big winner at the end of the match.

But with this man on their side, the Argentines cannot be ruled out in the final.

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