Overreaction Theatre: Poor Luis Suarez sent to bed without supper

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Uruguay's Luis Suarez gives a thumbs-up from a balcony of the team's hotel in Natal (Reuters)

After the news that Luis Suarez has been banned for nine international games and from all 'football activities' for four months, we knew that there would be some careful and measured reaction on the internet.

Suarez, after all, is a man that people generally don't have very strong feelings about. Few hate him, few love him, and most can simply take or leave him.

Sort of.

The go-to place in moments like this is @RAWK_Meltdown, which collates the most 'out there' reactions from Liverpool fan forums, and they had a field day on Thursday.

...but among all that, you have to admire the optimism...

There was also some speculation over what exactly Suarez will be banned from.

Still, while all that was pretty unpleasant, a more heart-warming sight was the celebrations of Algerian fans all around the world, after they qualified for the second phase in Brazil. In Marseille...

...in Paris...

...and of course in Algiers...

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