Overreaction Theatre: Scotland fan parties as England ‘finally play like Spain’

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When England fans thought that things could get no worse after their defeat at the hands of Uruguay this appeared on their television screens.

Having lost their two opening games of the World Cup, England still remarkably have a chance of making it through to the last 16.

The nature of their loss against Uruguay certainly caused quite the stir on Twitter. However, rather surprisingly, there was a complete lack of anger amongst the supporting masses on social media.

It was more a mix of remorse, disillusion and no little mocking.

To be fair, maybe the lack of anger was linked to the fact that everybody had seen it coming.

There were some positives to be drawn from England’s travails – well, sort of!

The ramfications of this loss run a whole lot deeper though – it is over to you now USA.

With a little luck it could have been oh so different.

But playing well means nothing, if, in essence, England’s record at the World Cup since 1990 is reminiscent of the following:

England’s inability to threaten the latter stages of World Cups has led some fans to draw some real damning conclusions.

To be clear, the DFS sale will never end. Never. Steven Gerrard’s torment will also never end, it appears.

In March he looked on the brink of captaining Liverpool to the Premier League title and then leading England at a World Cup in Brazil. Now, well, things are different.

In episodes such as this, there are always fall guys. And if you can’t blame the players then the next best thing is to go after those around the players.

Step forward one Dr Steve Peters.

There at least those on hand who wanted to offer some hope.

The fact that England aren’t officially out means that there is actually scope for further heartbreak – most notably in the form of the dreaded penalty shootout.

Not all is lost, though, there is still something left to play for.

Some even tried to paint things in a more positive light.

There is talk of having the experience of ‘tournament football’ and this experience will, of course, stand some of England’s younger players in good stead for future tournaments, where it will be their fault.

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