Overreaction Theatre: Piers Morgan and the worst predictions ever

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Brazil 1-7 Germany: no one saw that kind of scoreline coming, did they? Certainly not one of the biggest personalities on Twitter, one Piers Morgan.

Morgan, who boasts over four million followers, never shies away from spouting forth his views from behind a keyboard but he may be wishing he hadn't bothered before this year's first World Cup semi-final in Belo Horizonte.

His predictions ahead of kick-off turned out to be spectacularly wrong - you could say they were more pathetic than prophetic - as his credibility as an amateur sports pundit took another hit.

In fairness to the man, at least he admitted he was badly wrong. Although given there is not hiding place on Twitter, he had no choice really.

Meanwhile, the result left people across the globe in a genuine state of shock.

David Luiz, unfortunately for him, was one of the main culprits for the defeat having put in a shambolic performance that was worthy of online mockery.

Still, even at 7-0 down, some - with their tongue planted firmly in their cheek - held out hope of a miraculous Brazilian comeback.

It wasn't to be, and Brazil crashed to a damaging, historic defeat, prompting fears an angry backlash on the streets of the nation was inevitable. That never came, at least in the immediate aftermath of the game.

And finally, some food for thought in the wake of Germany's annihilation of Brazil.

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