Police investigate wheelchair fans seen jumping to their feet

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A group of fans at the World Cup who were caught appearing to leap out of their wheelchairs are now being investigated for ticket fraud.

Police understand that some fans who bought tickets on the black market may have taken wheelchairs in order to get around normal security to enter the stadium.

Pictures from CCTV footage and social media are now being investigated with fans supposedly snapped jumping out of their wheelchairs during Brazil's opening match against Croatia.

Amid the mad scramble for tickets, some are believed to have acquired concession passes intended for disabled fans.

Police will now investigate whether the fans with wheelchairs in the disabled section did indeed require the assistance and have legitimate passes for the area.

Given that the requirement for a wheelchair does not always mean that an individual depends on its assistance all the time, it is a sensitive issue and one which officials are having to probe fully.

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Meanwhile, young adults have apparently been seen in seats reserved for pensioners.

Touts have reportedly been caught attempting to sell tickets intended for disabled people outside stadiums at the tournament in Brazil.

The visual evidence seen on social media - though striking - proves nothing by itself. It is perfectly normal for disabled fans who struggle to walk or stand for long periods to come into the stadium in a wheelchair, then get to their feet at points during the action.

However police believe some of the tickets reportedly sold on the black market may have been for key disabled access sections.

The maximum sentence for ticket touting is four years in prison, with those on sale in Brazil around £1,000 - as much as 10 times the face value of the original passes.


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