Overreaction Theatre: Poor BBC commentator mocked by viewers after gaffe

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Who would be a commentator? It is almost like being a goalkeeper. When the goalie makes a mistake it tends to cost his side a goal. There is no last line of defence to save him. A bit like poor BBC commentator Jonathan Pearce, who suffered what could be best described as a schoolboy error during France's 3-0 win over 10-man Honduras in Porto Alegre.

With goal line technology in play for the first time during this World Cup, Pearce claimed the ball had not crossed the line for Noel Valladares' own goal after Karim Benzema's shot had come off one post and then off the Honduras goalkeeper.

His match from hell continued later on when he had to be informed by co-commentator Martin Keown that Blaise Matuidi had not scored his country's third goal when a shot ended up in the side netting. Here is how his evening began to unravel. You can listen to some of it in the first tweet below.

Pearce: “Well look at the boos and the Honduran players. And look at this again. We’ve seen so many spurious goal line technology replays. And it signals no goal! No goal has gone up on the screen. The fans have heard it, the Honduran players have seen it.”

Keown: “But it’s a goal there..”

Pearce: “Oh goodness me. They've changed their minds now. Does goal line technology work or doesn’t it?”

“Well, which replay are we supposed to believe? This was supposed to be a flawless system.”

Pearce then said the referee couldn't give it if he wasn't sure, but former Arsenal defender Keown said: “Yes but it says the ball was over the line on the second instance.”

Pearce: “The whole goal line technology debate will flare up again because it was not good enough, was it? One moment we are seeing a goal given by the assistant referee, then the next thing we are seeing it’s not over the line in the replay, and then we are seeing it is over the line on the second one.”

In the interests of fair play, we're not going to comment what is out there in the Twitter-sphere. Who hasn't made a mistake? But let us hope Jonathan has a sense of humour, and can laugh at himself. Nobody died out there. And it was very amusing. Over to you Twitter comedians.

And finally someone who did agree with Pearce. Step forward Richard Keys. Remember him anybody?

But even he eventually had to concede there were no 'dark forces' at work this time.

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