Remember that wobbly-looking World Cup bridge? Take a look at it now

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Just before the World Cup we reported about a terrifyingly wonky-looking bridge constructed for fans at the Sao Paulo Stadium.

As you can see from the pictures on this page, the huge structure was put together from scaffolding, creating a temporary floating walkway intended for thousands of fans to go to and from the local station.

Just looking at those pics made plenty of fans' stomachs churn, and prompted all sorts of questions about Brazilian health and safety standards - questions that seemed fair enough, considering the number of tragic deaths during the construction of the stadiums.

We did wonder at the time, however, if we were guilty of a bit of European arrogance, assuming that if a Brazilian bridge looked a bit shaky then it was potentially dangerous.

Now the bridge itself is open, however, and the video at the top of the page has done precisely nothing to allay our fears.

Having said that, there is no firm evidence to suggest that the bridge is indeed unsafe. And bridges can shake and still be safe, as any visitor to London might confirm after traversing the famous 'wobbly bridge' that spans the Thames between St Paul's Cathedral and the Tate Modern.

Brazilian authorities have insisted they have been taking health and safety very seriously - and more evidence from elsewhere in the country suggests that we'd do well to listen to them.

As the devastating video below shows, 25 homes were swept away in a landslide in Natal just this week - but the local authorities were one step ahead of the disaster all the way, evacuating all the inhabitants and ensuring that not a single person was hurt.

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