Is that Ronaldinho invading the pitch and making Lionel Messi laugh?

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Ronaldinho lookalike invades Argentina training... by vranovcir

Lionel Messi is very used to being grabbed by hysterical fans when he is training, but this was an altogether different experience for the Argentina superstar.

Messi was confronted by numerous pitch-invaders as he trained ahead of the World Cup in Brazil, but one made a very unique impression.

The Barcelona star and his team-mates were left in fits of laughter after a man who looked to be Brazil legend Ronaldinho greeted him mid-pitch.

Messi gives his shirt away to one adoring fan, before the Ronaldinho lookalike makes his entrance, much to the amusement of the Argentina players.

The supporter, who looks uncannily like the former Brazil forward, enjoyed a joke or two with Messi, who this time did not give his shirt away.

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It's not the first time that a Ronaldinho lookalike has made a big impact ahead of the World Cup.

The below picture of a Ronaldinho lookalike being given the hero treatment in Indonesia would have been great on its own, but what makes it all the cooler is that the snap was presented to the world by another World Cup legend Fabio Cannavaro.

Cannavaro tweeted the picture from Jakarta when he was on a Football Legends tour with the likes of Alessandro Nesta, Gino Gattuso, Rui Costa and Rivaldo.

British fans will be getting to see the 2006 winning captain on their screens throughout the World Cup as he is part of the ITV panel.

Meanwhile, we're sure this Ronaldinho look-a-like, will be wearing his Brazil shirt more often than usual during the World Cup, even if the real-life Ronaldinho missed out Brazil's final squad, and indeed has rented his Rio apartment out for the duration of the tournament.

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