Ronaldo’s new haircut ‘was amazing tribute to brain surgery boy’

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Cristiano Ronaldo's new 'do'

Cristiano Ronaldo provoked a mixture of appreciation, bemusement and outright scorn when he unveiled his new haircut ahead of the World Cup match against USA on Sunday night.

The zig-zag pattern shaved into the side of his head made the Rio Report openly question whether it might rank among the worst haircuts in football history - a tall order, when you consider the competition, but still a fair question.

[LINK: The worst haircuts in football history. Honestly.]

Yet according to a story doing the rounds on Twitter, the Portuguese striker's go-faster-stripes weren't a fashion statement, but a gesture of solidarity for Erik Ortiz Cruz, a young boy in Spain who recently underwent brain surgery that was paid for by the Real Madrid superstar.

It's a matter of record that Ronaldo helped out little Erik before - in fact, we reported on the star's act of generosity in paying the entire £50,000 medical bill as soon as little Erik's plight was brought to his attention.

[LINK: Ronaldo pays £50,000 for stricken child's brain surgery]

But there are, as yet, no corroborating sources to suggest that Ronaldo's new do was a nod to his little pal. For one thing, Erik actually underwent surgery severl months ago now:

For another - and here the Rio Report will quickly admit that there are no surgeons on the roster of journalists -we're pretty sure brain surgery requires a patient's head be shaved before a straight cut is made. Not a jagged line hacked straight through the hair.

Either way, Ronaldo fans on social media are absolutely lapping up the story, and using it as a big stick with which to beat non-believers in the cult of CR7.

The man himself may, or may not, clear up the confusion - most likely not, since he has a firm record of never speaking publicly about his many acts of charity.

In the absence of confirmation, you'll have to make up your own minds on this one. And when you do, feel free to leave a comment in the space below.

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