Sepp: Today, the world – tomorrow, the universe! Mwahahahah!

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Sepp Blatter - Master of the Universe

Okay, so Sepp Blatter didn't actually perform a cartoon villain's evil laugh after making his latest hilariously outrageous statement. But he might as well have done.

The FIFA chief is already under pressure to step down following the scandal over alleged bribery surrounding the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, with figures including FA chairman Greg Dyke imploring him to call an end to his reign.

But the mess doesn't seem to have slowed him down at all.  And rather than deal with those issues, he instead cooked up an amazing idea to try and pinch the headlines at FIFA's pre-World Cup press conference:

"We shall wonder if one day our game is played on the other planets, why not? Then we'll have an Interplanetary Cup," Blatter told a group of assembled journalists, a suggestion which was accompanied by the noise of several hundred jaws collectively hitting the floor at once.

Those present immediately took to Twitter to ridicule the FIFA chief, with some suggesting that the move has only come since football's overlords have already wrung as much dirty cash as they possibly can out of the inhabitants of planet earth:

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