Shots fired: O’Neill reacts to Adrian Chiles’ joke

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Adrian Chiles and his ITV cohorts like to indulge in some friendly banter it is fair to say.

So when Chiles ribbed Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill about his glasses on Friday he was probably quite chuffed with the cackles of laughter that were forthcoming from Patrick Vieira and Fabio Cannavaro.

Basically, Chiles had asked O’Neill whether he wore his glasses while standing in a free-kick wall in his playing days – a joke that appeared to irk the former Sunderland manager.

He barked back:

“I didn't actually wear glasses when I was playing. I did actually play the game at one time, Fabio wasn't terribly sure that I had and I had to remind him. Actually despite the fact that there are two World Cup winners here, I'd just like to ask "I’ve won two European Cups. I’d just like to know, how many have you two won?"

And of course, neither men have won the competition even once.

You can watch a video of the rebuke here:

We can't work out whether O'Neill was being deadpan in his response or whether there was genuine anger.

Fair play to Vieira, he made light of the situation in a tweet but the Keane reference maybe suggested that he thought O'Neill was unhappy with the goings on.

What do you make of it? Was O’Neill a bit over sensitive or was it all part of the banter? Let us know in the comments section.

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