Spain blames World Cup disaster on Eurovision-winning bearded lady

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Conchita Wurst: Spain's Public Enemy No. 1?

Spain's shock exit in the group stage of the World Cup has been blamed on the unlikeliest of culprits: Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst.

That's right: forget the increasingly-shaky Iker Casillas, and instead pin the responsibility on the bearded lady novelty act from Austria, who swept to glory in the annual music competition last month.

That's the conspiracy theory currently flooding through Spain, thanks to a series of bizarre coincidences tied to the fact that the transvestite's win was the first by Austria since 1966.

Last time Austria won was in 1966, a year which has drawn a series of spooky parallels with 2014:

- Atletico Madrid won the Spanish League

- Real Madrid won the European Cup / Champions League

- Real Betis were relegated

- Deportivo La Coruña were promoted

- Both AC Milan and Manchester United failed to qualify for European competition

- And finally, the kicker: Spain entered the World Cup as European champions, but went out in the group stage

At this point, England fans will start thinking, "Great! This means that we'll get out of the group after all, and go on to win the World Cup!"

But before you start getting all excited, it's probably more realistic to take this prophecy as meaning that the host nation will win the tournament.

So step forward, Brazil, and enjoy the prize that is surely coming your way. Just don't forget to thank Conchita Wurst during the victory speeches.

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